Use only as directed. Ensure that the pH is between 7,2 and 7,6. Add AQUAPRO CHLORINE either directly into the pool or into the weir. For vinyl pools, avoid adding directly into the pool as this may cause staining. For lasting results add CHLORINE in the evening into the weir.



Your pool should be maintained at pH 7,2 to 7,6. Add one measurement of AQUAPRO CHLORINE per day, per 50 000 litres. Depending on the weather and bathing loads, more chlorine may be needed. For a shock treatment use a maximum of 4 measurements of SWIMMING POOL CHLORINE. For algae infestations during the swimming season use AQUAPRO ALGAECIDE.



At the start of the swimming season add 3 measurements of AQUAPRO CHLORINE per 50 000 litres.



If AQUAPRO CHLORINE comes into contact with your skin, wash thoroughly with water immediately. If chlorine dust causes eye irritation, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention if irritation persists. If chlorine dust is inhaled, move away from the product and into fresh air. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting. Drink large amounts of milk or water and seek medical attention immediately.



HANDLE WITH CARE. Store in a cool dry place (below 25’C) away from moisture, which can cause chlorine to react and release dangerous fumes. Keep out of reach of children, animals and uninformed people. Do not mix chlorine with any organic materials, household cleaners, petroleum. soaps, oils, acids, stabilised chlorine or any other pool chemicals, as this may cause a fire. Be aware to always add chlorine to water; never add water to chlorin, this may cause a chlorine explosion.



Always use a dry measuring cup. Store away from other materials and chemicals. Avoid contact with clothing and skin. After use wash skin with soap and water. No not eat, drink or smoke near the product. Do not inhale fumes. Use in a well ventilated area. It is recommended that you avoid using metal-based algaecides; this may cause staining the pool shell.