The Ultimate Pool Cleaning Machine

Following in the tradition of the original Kreepy Krauly, the most popular pool vacuum in history, comes the sleek, versatile and powerful Tiger Shark. The low maintenance Tiger Shark goes about its business quietly, quickly and powerfully, while you relax and enjoy your pool to the full.

The ingenious design means there is only one moving part, the patented silent flapper, a dependable design proven in more than three million pools worldwide. Couple this with an extrawide mouth that sucks up large and small pieces of dirt and debris and you have a pool cleaner that can reach every nook and cranny of your pool. And with reliable performance year-in, year-out, Tiger Shark is the one to choose if you're looking for the ultimate pool cleaning machine.

Other features include:

  • A patented seal design and built-in bumper help the Tiger Shark to easily move around obstacles for complete cleaning coverage without stoppages.
  • Long, dependable life because the silent flapper is the only moving part that will ever need replacing
  • Extra-wide mouth and powerful suction action clean up all sizes of dirt and debris leaving you with a sparkling pool all year round
  • Set just the right speed with the adjustable regulator valve and FREE flow gauge
  • Simple to install in just minutes without tools
  • Easily negotiates any obstructions thanks to the specially designed curved “fingers” for uninterrupted cleaning performance
  • Available in blue and charcoal